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Stepping up from the Wrangler, the JAZEE is designed for larger residential lawns or small estates. The JAZEE is equipped with more horsepower, wider cutting width, more fuel capacity, and a higher ground speed. The JAZEE can easily handle up to 3.9 acres per hour.   

JAZEE Features

  • 22 hp Kohler Courage
  • 27 hp Kohler Courage V-Twin
  • 48”-52” cut widths
  • 7 ½ mph forward speed
  • 4 gallon fuel capacity
  • Hinged Flexible Discharge Chute
  • Joystick or Dual Lever steering
  • Dual integrated hydrostatic EZT transaxles
  • Patented Stand-Up Deck
  • Up to 3.9 acres per hour
  • High backed enhanced comfort seat with larger engine option

JAZEE Accessories

JAZEE and JAZEE PRO Grass Collection System
Available for JAZEE and JAZEE PRO models with 42”, 48” and 52” cutting decks. Powered by an independent blower motor, the system includes front weights and 9 cu. ft capacity. Not available on Wrangler or 60” JAZEE PRO models.

Headlight Kit
Our simple to install fender mount headlights give you that extra bit of daylight to finish those important jobs. And to top it off, they make your mower look great. Available on all models.

Mulch Kit
This kit converts your Country Clipper into a mulching mower. While mowing, your grass clippings become finely chopped mulch, saving you time by finishing two jobs in one quick mow. Your Country Clipper’s Stand-Up Deck makes installation a breeze.

JAZEE Push Blade
Use your Country Clipper Year 'round by attaching a JAZEE Push Blade. Heavy duty frame with 48" blade. Blade height is controlled by the mower's spring balanced lift lever. not available on Wrangler models.

Deck Lift Jack
Use the jack for added convenience raising the Stand-Up Deck. The kit comes with a jack and bracket that mounts to the deck. The deck raises as you turn the crank. Not available for the Wrangler.

The Wrangler is our introductory model and has many of the features of a professional mower, but on a residential scale. Designed for residential lawn care, the Wrangler is head and schoulders above anything else in its class.

                                              Wrangler Features

    - 18 hp Kohler Courage
    - 22 hp Kohler Courage
    - 41" and 48" cut width
    - 7.5 mph forward speed
    - 4 gallon fuel capacity
    - 2 or 3 cutting blades
    - Joystick steering
    - Dual integrated hydrostatic EZT transaxles
    - Patented Stand-Up Deck
    - Up to 3.1 acres per hour

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